FAQ Ordering Questions

What's the status of my order?

Orders take approximately 10-12 weeks to produce. This timeline begins when all individual orders for a team have been submitted, and have been approved by the team contact.

Why do I have to wait for the rest of the team to order?

Our manufacturing process is most efficient when all rings of the same design pass through production together. It’s our way of being able to provide superior quality control and costing of each production run.

Why doesn't my ring ship directly to me?

We ship an entire lot of rings to one address when completed, which ultimately saves everyone extra shipping costs. It also avoids some team members getting their rings before others.

Why did I receive my apparel, but not my ring?

Our partner facilities have different production times than we do at Baron®. When their product is complete, we want you to have it as soon as possible. Aside from apparel, all items will ship with the team order at a later date.

Who is my team contact and what is their role?

Your team contact is likely a coach, manager, or a volunteer from the team who serves as the liaison with our staff at Baron®. They are likely the ones who would have sent you the link to the online locker room. Moving forward your Locker Room liaison is designated to provide assistance, and answer questions you may have. If there are questions they don’t immediately have the answer to, they will contact us at Baron® to resolve.

What is my order number?

Your order number is found in your confirmation email. It is listed as #CAN1234 or #USA1234.

Can I change my shipping address?

There is no need to change your shipping address if your order is shipping with a team. However, if you have an apparel item shipping directly to you, please contact store@baronrings.com to update your shipping address.. Please provide your order number for reference.

How can I make a change to my order?

If you’d like to make a change or modify a detail on your order, please contact store@baronrings.com with your order number and requested change. You will receive a confirmation email when the change is made.

How do I pay the balance of my order? When is my balance due?

  1. Return to the Online Locker Room that you placed your order.
  2. Select the “Balance” option of the ring that you purchased.
  3. Enter your original order number and name the order was placed under.
  4. Proceed with payment as per usual.

Sizes And Metal Type

How do I determine my ring finger size?

Your finger size is the size of the hole that your slip your finger into when you wear the ring. While you can find out your finger size yourself we strongly recommend that you get your finger sized at your local jewelry store before you purchase your ring.

What is ring size?

The total size of the ring. It is not your finger size. Not all ring sizes are available for all finger sizes. All measurements are in millimeters. Minor size variations will occur in the manufacturing process. Rings can shrink up to 2mm from the casting to the final ring.

What is Durilium?

Finest non-precious metal ever developed. Metal has a rich platinum-white silver finish, resists scratches, will not tarnish, and has strong durability.

What is Gold Durilium?

Yellow gold coating applied to our precious metal producing a yellow gold polish look that is strong and durable.

What is 10KT Gold?

It is a very strong and durable metal that is very valuable. 41.6% pure gold.

What is Obsidian?

Jewellery innovation introduced in 2016, using diamond-like black coating creating a rich, high definition polish look.

3 Easy Steps On Find Your Finger Size At Home

To help measure your ring size at home, our jewellery experts have created a complete ring size guide including a ring size chart, printable paper sizing kit, string size chart and tips for measuring at home. Please click below to download Baron®’s Home Ring Sizing Kit.

Vector black and gold ring, ring sizing kit, ring size chart, ring size, how to measure ring size, how to determine ring size


Vector gold and black paper and ruler, how to figure out ring size, how to find sing size, how to know your ring size, ring size in inches


Vector gold and black paper and ruler, how to figure out ring size, how to find sing size, how to know your ring size, ring size in inches


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