All fine jewellery can be affected by normal wear, activities, or trauma. Baron® believes jewellery care is an important part of keeping your jewellery’s long-lasting brilliance. Quality stones and precious metal will withstand abuse. Your Baron® jewellery comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty includes cleaning your Championship Ring and Championship Jewellery.

To protect your jewellery from permanent damage, avoid contact with mercury. The effect of mercury and harsh acids on silver and gold is severe and permanent. Be sure to remove your jewellery before working with these harmful agents to protect your gold plated and silver jewellery.

To safeguard against damage and personal injury, always remove your jewellery before engaging in sports or manual labour.

While wearing your jewellery, limit your exposure to common chemicals as they can harm and break down the brilliance of precious metals and gems.


Jewellery care is an important part of keeping your jewellery’s long-lasting brilliance. Baron's ring wrapped in soft cloth

Here is a list of common harsh chemicals:



Antibacterial Soaps

Rubbing Alcohol

Hand Sanitizers

Hand Creams

Hair Care Products

Perfumes & Colognes

Easy DIY Jewellery Cleaning Steps

To preserve the beauty and luster of your jewellery by following the steps below.

DISCLAIMER: Any cleaning method using soap, water or cleaners removes antiquing. Using a polishing cloth often leaves powder on the ring, that could remove antiquing when rinsed. Our Warranty includes cleaning as we are able to reapply the antiquing.

Jewellery Care Guide: Step 1 vector icon, gather and prepare. Jewelry care tips, DIY cleaning tips, jewelry cleaning



In a bowl mix water with mild detergent. You’ll also need a soft clean cloth later on.

Jewellery Care Guide: Step 2 vector icon, submerge and soak. clean your jewellery in within the soapy water



Submerge your jewellery in the water mixture and soak. Gently swish item around or use your fingertips to clean your jewellery in within the soapy water. Avoid scratching the item with your fingernails.

Jewellery Care Guide: Step 3 vector icon, rinse and repeat. clean and rinse with lukewarm water, rinse and clean your jewelry



Once your jewellery is clean, take your item out from the bowl and rinse with lukewarm water. Repeat the process with clean water if necessary.

Jewellery Care Guide: Step 4 vector icon, dry and wear. wear your championship ring as champion, limited lifetime warranty



Dry your jewellery with a clean soft cloth. Making sure all water residue is collected by the cloth. Wear your jewellery proudly.

Storing Your Fine Jewellery

A guide to finding your perfect Championship Ring box to store your jewellery.

3 types of Championship Ring box: Championship Ring display case, Travel Ring Box, Wood Ring Box - all High Quality ring boxes

Keeping your fine jewellery pieces in proper storage is very important. Do not place your Championship Ring with other jewellery items as it will increase the chances of scratches.

Baron® provides a travel ring box, free of charge, that comes with your Championship Ring order. Many Champions prefer to store their Championship Ring in a high-quality ring box case. Featuring a hinged glass top with a mahogany finish and foam insert and foam insert lined box. Complimented with your custom engraved plate featuring your name and championship year and title.

Baron® also offers another option of displaying your Championship Ring in a clear display case. Featuring a black acrylic base and a clear acrylic removable lid. Complimented with your custom engraved plate featuring your name and championship year and title. This unique case comes with its own built-in pedestal, providing the perfect resting spot for your championship collectible.

Giving proper care for your Championship Rings and fine jewellery can be done by taking care of your jewellery, cleaning your jewellery, and storing or displaying within high-quality ring boxes and display cases.

Contact our Sales Specialist to help purchase a Ring Box or Display Case to store and display your Championship Ring.