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Help reach our goal of 25,000 rings donated by the year 2022.

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Baron's Leave No One Behind Ring Program works to build collaborations, partnerships, and to have a dramatic impact in the sports-based recognition sector.

Exceptional athletes at all levels, from high school to the professional ranks, receive awards for their achievements. Perhaps the most memorable moment of any athlete’s career occurs when they receive their Championship ring to commemorate their victory.

The Leave No One Behind Ring Program was created in 2007 to deliver exceptional championship experiences to those players, coaches or entire organizations that may have not had the necessary means to fully celebrate in the past. Many times players would have been sidelined from the recognition process if it were not for the generosity of coaches, parents, and other players that would financially show support. Baron sought out to relieve this burden by creating the Leave No One Behind Ring Program.

We are a company of passionate professionals who strive to inspire excellence and recognize greatness in the compelling world of sports. We have been honored to distribute over 10,000 rings (over 2 million dollars) to athletes across North America, and have set a company goal to reach 25,000 athletes by 2022.

We are accountable to our donors, our sponsors, and to our future Leave No One Behind recipients. Baron will provide support to the LNOB Ring Program through the responsible donation of 1% of every purchase of a Baron Locker Room item.

We will continue to share the inspirational Championship stories from the individuals and teams that this initiative is able to reach.








"Leave No One Behind" is created to inspire athletes by affording them an award they can be proud to have earned.

$1 Million dollars in championship rings have been donated since inception.

Baron partners with the Cleveland Cavaliers to bring 250 Cavaliers Championship rings to the Boys and Girls club of America.

In its 10th year, Baron has breached the $2.5 million dollar threshold and 10,000 ring donations.

Baron reaches 16,000 rings and $4 million dollars in total value of goods donated.

Our goal is to reach 20,000 rings and $5 million dollars in total value of goods donated.

Baron Championship Rings recognizes the power of sport and the many life lessons imparted on athletes. It is our hope that through this program we can validate, inspire athletes, and allow them to continue their involvement throughout their lifetime.

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