Baron® Celebrating 40 Year Journey of Championship Ring Mastery

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Baron® Championship Rings Presents: Baron® 40th Anniversary Video – Celebrating 40 Years of Excellence! A curated collection of videos, brochures, stunning rings, and nostalgic staff photos spanning four decades. Join us as we reminisce and honour our journey, and our moments that will contribute to our legacy 💍 Watch Baron Championship Rings YouTube

“Happy Anniversary Baron®! We celebrate 40 years of dedication and hard work. Your contributions over the years have been invaluable to our success and we thank you.”

–  Drina & Peter

Baron® Celebrating 40 Year – Explore Baron®‘s remarkable 40-year journey through an exclusive showcase of some of our Championship Rings, including some special 40th-anniversary editions.

February 29, 2024 – Step into the realm of sporting history, as we embark on a journey through the illustrious world of Championship Rings with Baron® celebrating 40 Year journey of Championship Ring mastery.

Baron® Championship Rings has been a trailblazer, crafting iconic symbols of triumph that transcend time.

Let’s explore the captivating narratives behind some of Baron®‘s inspiring creations. Each is a testament to the dedication, innovation, and artistry that define the brand. From the monumental 2016 Cleveland Cavaliers NBA Championship Ring to the intricacies of the 2016 Los Angeles Sparks WNBA Championship Ring.

Join us in reliving the moments, exploring the craftsmanship, and paying tribute to the profound impact Baron® has made on sports culture throughout its legacy in history. Welcome to the celebration of four decades of unparalleled achievement and the indelible mark left by Baron® Championship Rings.

Baron®‘s Evolutionary Journey in Championship Rings

Baron® Championship Rings can be traced back to the visionary actions of our company’s founder Richard Baron.

Initially, he laid the foundation through the creation of Baron Insignias, a business that primarily specialized in crafting class rings and corporate recognition items. The direction of the business was a reflection of the market demands and trends at the time.

However, as time progressed, the industry began to undergo significant changes. There was a shift occurring in the preferences of customers, with a growing appetite for Championship Rings.

Recognizing this change, Baron® made a strategic decision to pivot its focus. Baron® swiftly transitioned from its original niche, dedicating its resources to disrupting the Championship Ring industry.

This sudden move was not without its challenges, but it ultimately paid off, as it propelled Baron® to the forefront of the Championship Rings market.

Baron® Celebrating 40 Year Journey of Creativity: Some of our talented Designers have crafted stunning concept rings to mark our milestone Baron® Anniversary: 40 Years of Excellence and Limited Edition Rings. 1. Original Logo 2. Motto wrapping and engraved 3. Stones encompassing the entire ring 4. Split Logos 5. Crown Inspired by the Original Baron Insignias Logo 6. Red representing the 40th Anniversary stone Ruby

We have solidified our position as one of the largest and most respected companies in this specialized market, continuing to capture the journey, the moment, and the legacy of our valued customers.

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Q&A Session With Baron's Chief Executive Officer Peter Kanis

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Q&A Session With Baron's Technical Art Director Will Bigelow, Custom Championship Ring Designs by Baron Championship Rings

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Q&A Session With Baron's Anna Facecchia and Kay Mendonca- Baron Championship Rings


Baron® Championship Rings Presents: Baron® Origins, a video series featuring experiences, and life lessons told by Baron® employees: Richard Baron and Tang an important part of Baron® Celebrating 40 Year Journey.

A Legacy in Rings: Baron®‘s 40-Year Journey Unveiled

From Humble Beginnings to 3D Innovations and NBA Triumphs – This Visual Timeline Explores the Tracing of the Evolution of Excellence, Ownership, and Craftsmanship


Family Business

Baron Insignias Founded by Richard Baron


Recognition and Class Ring

First Recognition Ring Produced for Canadian Police Organization
First Class Ring Produced for Canadian High School


Championship Ring

First Championship Ring Produced for Canadian Football Team


Market Shift

Focused on Canadian and American High School Championship Ring market



Signed with Ontario Minor Hockey Association in Canada to facilitate 100 Team Championships per year


Intro to 3D Designs

First Championship Ring Company to Deploy 3D Designs


Intro to 3D Printing

First Championship Ring Company to Deploy 3D Printing


Ownership Change

Drina Baron-Zinyk and Peter Kanis Acquire Baron Insignia


Re-Brand and First NBA Ring

Company Renamed with Renewed Focus to Baron® Championship Rings
First Major Pro Sports Client - NBA Champions - The Cleveland Cavaliers with Largest Championship Ring Order to Date


Second NBA Ring

Chosen by NBA Champions The Toronto Raptors to Support our Proud Canadian Roots


Market Shift

Largest Company to Solely Focus on Championship Ring Segment



“Receiving the Championship Rings was a very special moment. It brought back the excitement we all experienced 42 years ago when we won the Grey Cup. It was worth the wait. Baron® did a great job.”

— Norm Fieldgate, Co-Captain, 1964 BC Lions, Feb 3, 2007

Baron® celebrating 40 Year journey: A TRIP DOWN MEMORY LANE

1. 2015 Guelph Gryphons Yates Cup Championship Ring

The University of Guelph Gryphons Football Team

Baron® Championship Rings Presents: Check out Baron® Championship Rings’ latest: “Every Ring Has a Story – Go Beyond.” We’ve heard some incredible tales, from heartfelt to inspiring. Our newest spotlight? The 2015 Yates Cup Champs, the Guelph Gryphons football team. Catch their story on YouTube

About The Championship Ring:

The 2015 Guelph Gryphons Yates Cup Championship Ring proudly commemorates the victories achieved during the Stu Lang Coaching era, showcasing undefeated triumphs at home and the team’s illustrious history in the Yates Cup Championships.

Each gold accent on the ring serves as a symbolic nod to the Yates Cup Championship, skillfully incorporated into the wording, the football helmet, the Gryphon logo, and even the checkerboard pattern of the end zone. These intricate details come together to tell the story of the team’s success and championship legacy.

2. 2016 Los Angeles Sparks WNBA Championship Ring

The Los Angeles Sparks WNBA Team

Baron® Championship Rings Presents: Los Angeles Sparks – Making of the 2016 Championship Ring – Baron® Championship Rings Is Excited To Share The Production Of This Amazing Ring And The Accomplishment It Symbolizes – Congratulations Los Angeles Sparks on your 2016 WNBA Championship.  YouTube

About The Championship Ring:

The 2016 Los Angeles Sparks WNBA Championship Ring boasts a wealth of meaningful details: 10 diamonds at its base symbolize the remarkable 10-day journey to acquire the team. Inside the ring, the team slogans “#wear” and “We Rise” are proudly stamped. The LA skyline and season record are accentuated by the 20th season logo, while 20 diamonds commemorate 20 years of exceptional Sparks basketball.

Distinctive purple stones mark 4 Western Conference championships, featuring iconic landmarks like the LA Galen Center and the Hollywood Hills. Three black diamonds signify the team’s triumphant achievements with 3 WNBA Championships, with the largest diamond reserved for the crowning glory of the 2016 WNBA Championship. Weighing over 80 grams in gold and adorned with over 2 carats of diamonds, this masterpiece is presented in a custom-designed illuminated ring box, completing the celebration of the Sparks’ historic victory.

3. 2018 Toronto Marlies Calder Cup Championship Ring

The Toronto Marlies

Baron® Championship Rings Presents: Making the 2018 Calder Cup Championship Rings – Toronto Marlies – A closer look at the process, detail, and hard work involved in creating the 2018 Calder Cup Championship Rings for the Toronto Marlies from Baron Rings.  YouTube

About The Championship Ring:

The 2018 Toronto Marlies Calder Cup Championship Ring showcases exquisite craftsmanship with its white gold base and a distinctive yellow gold accent on the top crown of the logo.

A pioneering achievement in precision, the blue custom stone elegantly encircles the yellow crown, setting a new standard.

The hockey ring boasts the Calder Cup adorned with diamonds, the Toronto Marlies logo intricately detailed with diamonds and individual blue-numbered player identifiers.

Complementing these features is a finely crafted 3D representation of the Coca-Cola Coliseum on the side, adding a touch of artistry to the championship piece.

4. 2016 Cleveland Cavaliers NBA Championship Ring

The Cleveland Cavaliers

Baron® Championship Rings Presents: Making of the 2016 NBA Champs Cleveland Cavaliers Championship Ring – A closer look at the process, detail, and hard work involved in creating the 2016 NBA Championship Ring for the Cleveland Cavaliers from ring manufacturer Baron® Rings.  YouTube

About The Championship Ring:

The 2016 Cleveland Cavaliers NBA Championship Ring stands as an iconic symbol in sports history, with an impressive 6.5 carats of diamonds and over 400 diamonds in total. Weighing a substantial 150 grams, it proudly holds the title of the heaviest NBA Championship Ring ever made.

Take a look at the 2016 Cleveland Cavaliers NBA Championship Ring details.

“I have last year’s ring. I have a Rose Bowl Championship Ring. I have a Super Bowl Ring but this Championship Ring is bigger than all of them. Baron® did a fantastic job.”

–  Jim Fassel, Head Coach and General Manager, 2010 Las Vegas Locomotives UFL Champions, Feb 2, 2011

Championing Dreams, Changing Lives: Baron®‘s Commitment Goes Beyond Rings

Empowering Athletes Worldwide Through Partnerships, Philanthropy, and the Baron Leave No One Behind Program

Baron® Championship Rings takes immense pride in our achievements, particularly in our commitment to both our partnerships and our outreach opportunities.

One aspect of our success is our strong affiliations with some of the most renowned athletes and iconic sports teams worldwide. These partnerships have allowed us to establish a solid presence in the sports industry, reflecting our dedication to excellence.

However, what truly sets us apart and fills us with pride is the profound impact we’ve made through our nonprofit organization, the Leave No One Behind Foundation.

A significant portion of the Baron® earnings are dedicated to supporting the initiatives of the Leave No One Behind Foundation. Through the Baron® Leave No One Behind Program, we have a mission to ensure that no athlete is left behind due to financial constraints.

This program aims to make a meaningful difference in the sports sector by providing essential support to individuals and teams in need. Our efforts extend far beyond just offering Championship Rings.

We understand that the journey to success in sports often involves various financial burdens, such as league fees, uniforms, travel expenses, and more.

Through the Leave No One Behind Program, we strive to alleviate these challenges by offering financial aid and resources to deserving athletes and teams, enabling them to pursue their dreams without barriers.

Baron® Celebrating 40 Years with archived posts

A Visual Journey Through Sports Convention Booths, Events, and Championship Ring Triumphs – Unveiling the Stories Behind the Posts

“With this year’s ISC World Championship Ring for The Farm, the Baron design team has proven once again you don’t have to be a World Series Champion to have a ring of the same caliber.”

–  Richard Baron CEO/President Baron Insignias Ltd., March 5, 2008

“Every year Baron® keeps amazing us with their quality and craftsmanship. Our organization sets high standards to ensure teams get the best and Baron® has more than exceeded all expectations.”

–  Larry Reda, BCSFA Chairman, Subway Bowl Championships, Feb 2, 2011

“With over 125 stones and 10 separate pieces, this 75-gram ring is the largest World Fastball Championship Ring ever made.”

–  Drina Baron-Zinyk, General Manager, Baron Insignias Ltd., July 7, 2007

Baron® Celebrating 40 Year Journey with Craftsmanship Excellence: Commemorative Rings

Celebrating Baron®‘s momentous 40th anniversary with Baron® Celebrating 40 Year Journey blog that has taken you on a captivating journey through the brand’s rich history and unparalleled contributions.

Drina and Peter express their gratitude for 40 years of dedication and hard work, acknowledging Baron®‘s invaluable role in their success.

From a visual timeline and logos spanning four decades to exclusive limited edition 40-Year Anniversary Rings, are the narrative of Baron®‘s remarkable evolution. The Baron® Origins video series featuring Richard Baron and Tang offers a unique glimpse into the brand’s roots.

Customer testimonials, Baron®‘s Leave No One Behind™ Program, and glimpses of archived posts further illuminate the impact Baron® has made.

A heartfelt thank you extends to everyone – the dedicated staff, teams, athletes, partnerships, and associations – for being part of Baron®‘s extraordinary journey.

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Embark on a journey to commemorate your team’s triumphs with a custom Championship Ring from Baron®. As we celebrate 40 years of excellence, join us in crafting a unique masterpiece that reflects your story and adds to Baron®‘s legacy. Order your custom Championship Ring today and become a part of our cherished 40-year celebration.

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