The Concept Behind The Toronto Raptors Championship Ring

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One of the Most Monumental
Championship Rings in Sports History is the 2019 Toronto Raptors Championship Ring

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Ring Design

All of the gold and diamonds used to create the Raptors 2019 World Championship Rings were sourced from Canada.

Peter Kanis, CEO of Baron® Championship Rings, joined the Kelly Cutrara Show on Global News Radio 640 Toronto to discuss the Raptors Championship Ring and share an insight into the ring design process.

The countless hours of meticulous detail that went into developing and producing such a highly detailed design.

There were key elements that the committee and Kyle Lowry were looking to include to represent the city, the country and the Team.

The crowning piece on this custom Championship Ring along with the Larry O’Brien trophy was the Toronto Skyline with the “We The North” Chevron.

While skylines are traditionally placed on the side of the ring, there was an opportunity to be unique and showcase the skyline on top of the ring.

“Having it blinged-out” using custom-cut baguettes, and diamonds for the buildings along with Scotiabank Arena made it a stand-out piece. Listen to the full interview.

Your Morning’s video of The story behind the Toronto Raptors championship rings | Your Morning

President of Baron® Championship Rings, Peter Kanis, who made the Raps’ Championship Ring shares to all about how it was made and how it is the most valuable Championship Ring ever made.


Baron® Championship Rings’ Vice President Drina Baron-Zinyk joined the Global News Morning Toronto segment to introduce the 2019 Toronto Raptors Championship Ring.

When describing what went into this Championship Ring Drina mentions long hours, months of work, and manufacturing.

Raptors’ “The North” chevron and “We The North” are symbolic of many things about this country and were an essential part of the Championship Ring’s identity.

The entire interview can be watched on the Global News Morning Toronto page.

The 2019 Toronto Raptors Championship Ring is one of the Most Monumental Championship Rings in Sports History.

Inside the Ever-Changing World of Championship Ring Production

By Michael Shapiro | Dec 17, 2020

Raptors point guard Kyle Lowry had specific instructions for Toronto’s championship ring after the franchise’s first championship in June 2019: The flashier the ring, the better. “Kyle came to us with a real vision in mind,” says Baron Championship Rings president Peter Kanis. “He wanted his ring to be a show piece, to be unlike any other ring in championship history.”

“Up until about five, six years ago, a majority of championship rings were hand drawn in their early stages. We were the first company to actually do a full 3D printed championship ring,” Kanis says. “And now every ring begins with some form of 3D component. With 3D modeling, whatever you can design, you can create. When we’re competing for a championship ring, we send a 3D model, and it’s pretty much perfect. It allows us to present a much more detailed product.” Read the full interview on Sports Illustrated.

NBA’s video of the Toronto Raptors Championship Ring Ceremony | October 22, 2019
The Toronto Raptors were introduced and received their 2019 NBA Championship Rings before their opening night game against the New Orleans Pelicans.

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Did Drake get a Raptors Championship Ring?

2019 Toronto Raptors’ ambassador Drake showed his new Raptors Championship Ring and a second custom-made ring on Instagram.

Showing his support to the Toronto Raptors, as the team celebrated their 2019 NBA Basketball Championship.

The rapper received his official ring the night before the pre-game ceremony and first Championship game of the 2019-20 NBA season.


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