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“Wrestling is a team sport, & an individual sport all rolled into one.”

–  William Baldwin (NCAA Wrestling Twitter – @NCAAWrestling, April 24, 2024, Twitter)

View the Championship Ring designs from the Wrestling Championship Ring Package along with the Top 5 Teams and Rings.

What Is Wrestling?

February 20, 2023 – Online sporting sources define wrestling as a combat sport involving grappling-type techniques using throws, clinch fighting, takedowns, joint locks, pins, and grappling holds. A wrestling bout is a physical competition between two competitors at a time intending to gain and maintain a superior position.

The 3 main forms of wrestling are:

  • Folkstyle Wrestling
  • Greco-Roman Wrestling
  • Freestyle Wrestling

Freestyle wrestling and Greco-Roman wrestling are being used in the Olympic Games and are practiced internationally.

Folkstyle wrestling is also known as scholastic wrestling which is practiced at the high school and middle school levels. While collegiate wrestling is practiced at the college and university level.

Schools that are practicing collegiate wrestling have developed junior varsity and freshman teams alongside varsity teams. This type of classification restricts junior varsity and freshman wrestling teams by weight, age, and amount of wrestling competitors who can partake.

Whereas women’s college wrestling does not use the collegiate ruleset. However, standard freestyle wrestling rules are applied.

The collegiate wrestling season starts in October or November and ends with athletes competing in the final Wrestling Championships in March such as the NCAA Wrestling Tournament, U SPORTS Wrestling Championship, etc.



NAIA Presents: NAIA 2023 Wrestling Women’s National Championship Watch on YouTube

Upcoming 2023 Wrestling Championships 

2022 Wrestling Awards and Champions:

  • OUA Brock University Badgers Men’s and Women’s Wrestling teams are 2022 OUA Champions. Women’s Wrestling Champions are awarded the Women’s Wrestling Trophy while the Men’s Wrestling Champions are awarded the Porter Trophy.
  • NJCAA Clackamas Community College is the 2022 NJCAA Wrestling Champions, the team’s fourth-consecutive NJCAA Wrestling Championship title. Tournament coaches voted Demarco Lee, Harper (197) the Joseph A. Rockenback Sportsmanship Award. Josh Rhoden, Clackamas / Steve Kelly, North Iowa Area were awarded the NJCAA Scholarship Coach of the Year.
  • NAIA Men’s Wrestling team’s Bobby Lashley, an athlete from Missouri Valley College is among the 2022 Honorees being inducted into the NAIA Hall of Fame.

NCAA Championships Presents: The 2022 NCAA Wrestling Championships – Extended Highlights – Penn State took home the 2022 NCAA Wrestling Championship. Watch the extended highlights from all of the final matches here. Watch on YouTube

“It’s done, I knew what I came here to do. I was going to win the Olympic Gold, win National Tournament again,” said Gable Steveson, a senior Minnesota Gopher.

Steveson earned the All-American Championship title again when he beat Northwestern’s Lucas Davison in the quarterfinals.

The 2022 NCAA Wrestling All-Americans Championships took place from March 17-19, 2022 in Detroit, Michigan, at the Little Caesars Arena. The tournament was the 91st NCAA Division I Wrestling Championship and a total of 80 athletes competed.

Top 5 Wrestling Championship Rings

Let’s take a look at our Top 5 Wrestling Championship Rings and meet the teams that won these custom Rings.

1. 2020 Palm Desert High School Wrestling Championship Ring

2020 CIF Champions
CC02A – Palm Desert, CA
School: Palm Desert High School

About Palm Desert High School Aztecs

2. 2021 North Idaho College Wrestling Championship Ring

2021 National Champions
CU02A – Coeur D’Alene, ID
School: North Idaho College

About North Idaho College Cardinal Wrestling

3. 2020 San Fernando Senior High School Wrestling Championship Ring

2020 LA City Section Champions
CU39A – San Fernando, CA
School: San Fernando Senior High School

About San Fernando High School Mighty Tigers Boys Wrestling  and Girls Wrestling

4. 2020 South Torrance high school Wrestling Championship Ring

2020 CIF-SS Champions
CC01A – Torrance, CA
School: South High School

About South Torrance High School Athletics

5. 2020 Corona Del Mar High School Wrestling Championship Ring

2020 Dual Team Champions
CA03A – Newport Beach, CA
School: Corona Del Mar High School

About Corona Del Mar High School Athletics

Wrestling Championship Ring Package

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