Q&A Session With Baron’s Chief Executive Officer Peter Kanis

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“For years, LNOB has been committed to ensuring every young athlete receives a Championship Ring, regardless of their economic situation.”

Behind the Scenes: Q&A Session With Baron®‘s Chief Executive Officer Peter Kanis.

January 29, 2024 – In a recent Q&A session with Baron®‘s Chief Executive Officer Peter Kanis, the insightful discussion dived into the intricacies of the Championship Rings industry.

Kanis shared his perspectives on the evolution of these iconic symbols of victory and the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into Baron®‘s creations.

One notable highlight was Baron®‘s foray into the realm of Esports Championship Rings, showcasing the company’s adaptability to emerging trends in the sports and gaming landscape.

Kanis shed light on the unique challenges and innovations involved in crafting these gaming rings for Esports Champions, emphasizing Baron®‘s commitment to excellence in every design.

Furthermore, the conversation took a nostalgic turn as Kanis reminisced about the momentous 1964 BC Lions Grey Cup Championship Ring event. Baron®‘s significant presence during this historic occasion marked the creation of timeless rings for the triumphant team.

The CEO shared anecdotes about the collaboration, detailing how the craftsmanship and attention to detail captured the essence of the Lions’ victory in a tangible and enduring form.

These examples underscore Baron®‘s rich legacy in the Championship Rings industry, blending tradition with innovation and leaving an indelible mark on the celebrations of sporting achievements.

How did you get started in the Jewellery business?

I entered the Jewellery industry at a very young age, even though it wasn’t initially what I had planned to do. My parents owned a few jewellery stores, and my sister and I would often work there on weekends to help out and earn some extra money.

What has been your most memorable moment at Baron®?

Oh wow, that’s a tough one. I would have to say it was making the Championship Rings for the 1964 CFL Champions BC Lions.

This event was particularly memorable because the team never received their custom Championship Rings back then. Presenting these 1964 Grey Cup Championship Rings to the team 40+ years later evoked such raw emotions from these men, now in their 70s.

It was an incredibly emotional experience, and there wasn’t a dry eye in the room.

One of the player’s granddaughters approached me after the presentation to thank me. She had been unaware of this part of her grandfather’s life and was grateful to witness and be part of this special moment for him.

What sets Baron® Championship Rings apart from other competitors in the market, and how do you ensure the uniqueness and quality of each ring you produce?

I believe what distinguishes us from other competitors in the market is our design capabilities and 3D printing expertise. We were pioneers in introducing 3D design and printing in this sector.

The remarkable features you see in our competitors’ rings now are features we were implementing 5-6 years earlier with high school Championship Rings.

Although these didn’t garner as much attention as Professional Championship Rings, it’s impressive to observe such advancements across our industry.

We take great pride in providing a professional caliber custom ring and experience to every customer. This is evident in our design presentations.

Reflecting on this, one of the most flattering comments we received a few years ago from a coach was that our designs looked ‘too real.’

This was in response to a 360-degree design presentation of a Championship Ring for his team, which he initially mistook for a real Championship Ring.

Baron® Championship Rings Presents: The Making of the Los Angeles Football Club 2022 MLS Cup Championship Ring – The design of the 2022 MLS Cup Championship ring was a collaboration between Club leadership and the experts at Baron® Championship Rings. Crafted with out-of-the-box industry technologies, this beautiful 10-karat white and yellow gold Championship Ring features a multitude of layers and intricate details including the “on brand” black obsidian overlay coating of the yellow gold base that is a first of its kind in major league sports. Watch Baron Championship Rings YouTube

Can you discuss any notable challenges or interesting experiences when collaborating with professional sports teams or organizations with distinct visions?

Every professional sports team is unique in its own way.

Consider, for instance, the MLS Cup Champions from 2023, Los Angeles FC, and their commemorative MLS Cup Championship Ring.

LAFC desired a Championship Ring that was unprecedented and not gimmicky, unlike some of the more recent professional Championship Rings.

The key was to remain true to their brand, which involved a primarily black Championship Ring.

As a result, we successfully delivered a design and final custom MLS Cup Championship Ring that no one else would dare attempt.

With the rise of Esports has Baron® been commissioned for any Championship Rings in the space? And if so, can you highlight a few.

Growing up as a novice gamer in the 1980s, I witnessed firsthand the evolution of the esports industry.

Many gamers are part of our Baron® team, encompassing roles like design, drafting, and sales. I realized that Baron® was ideally suited to design and produce these rings.

Since my initial push to enter the esports marketplace, I can confidently say that for the past five years, we have created every major Esports Championship Ring in the industry.

Some notable examples include Esports Championship Rings for Call of Duty, Halo, Overwatch, Rocket League, and League of Legends.

Collaborations between sports and fashion have become more prominent. Are there any plans for Baron Championship Rings to explore partnerships or collaborations with fashion brands or designers to create unique and stylish championship ring collections?

Haha, that’s a great question and one I’ve been asked many times. Considering what our designers are capable of and the contacts we’ve made, let’s just say we’re currently exploring various options.

Looking ahead, what excites you the most about the future of Baron® Championship Rings, and are there any upcoming projects or developments that you can give us a sneak peek into?

I am most excited about our ‘Leave No One Behind‘ foundation.

For years, LNOB has been committed to ensuring every young athlete receives a Championship Ring, regardless of their economic situation.

Over time, we’ve gotten to know numerous players, coaches, and institutions, realizing that a Championship season involves more than just the games.

These young athletes often face personal hardships that require support throughout the year and beyond.

Our goal is not only to continue providing Championship Rings to every athlete on a winning team but also to change lives by offering other forms of support they need during their journey as student-athletes.

For instance, we have started offering sponsorships to student-athletes attending University or College. A project I’m particularly excited about is our collaboration with the local sports awards event, the WESPYs.

The WESPYs recognize and award local athletes from various sports categories for their achievements over the past year.

It’s a phenomenal night, attended by the area’s best athletes who are honoured, along with a keynote speaker who has reached the pinnacle of their sport. This year’s speaker is none other than Jack Nicklaus.

Baron® has been a long-time sponsor, but this year, LNOB will be presenting the first male and female athlete bursary, and we hope this is just the beginning of many more to come.

The journey to the 1964 British Columbia Lions’ Grey Cup Championship

In 1954, the British Columbia Lions started their journey in the Western Inter-Provincial Football Union.

The teams’ By Bailey etched his name in history by securing the lone touchdown during a memorable victory against Winnipeg Blue Bombers on August 28, 1954.

The Lions ended the game with a final score of 6-8.

On a rain-drenched evening at Empire Stadium in Vancouver, the British Columbia Lions secured their inaugural franchise victory, and the sole triumph of the season.

Defeating the Calgary Stampeders 9–4 on September 18, 1954.

The Inaugural Season drew an impressive crowd of over 100,000 fans at the PNE grounds, firmly establishing the Lions as the premier attraction in the province.

Despite facing some challenging years, the fortunes of the franchise took a positive turn in the early 1960s. 

Head coach Dave Skrien steered a promising young core team featuring talents like Joe Kapp, Willie Fleming, and Tom Brown.

The 1963 season marked a significant milestone with a new team record of 12 wins. However, the journey concluded on a disappointing note with a Grey Cup loss to Hamilton in front of the home crowd.

Determined to bounce back, 1964 became a year of redemption.

When the opportunity arose to face the Hamilton Tiger-Cats once again, the Lions seized the moment. Securing their first-ever Grey Cup Championship and etching a triumphant chapter in the team’s history.

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Thank you to our Chief Executive Officer Peter Kanis for participating in our Q&A.

The Q&A session with Baron’s Chief Executive Officer Peter Kanis, provided valuable insights into the Championship Rings industry and showcased the company’s versatility.

The blog also highlighted Baron®‘s venture into esports championship rings, demonstrating the company’s adaptability to emerging trends in sports and gaming.

Additionally, the CEO shared nostalgic reflections on the 1964 BC Lions Grey Cup Championship Ring event, underscoring Baron®‘s enduring legacy in capturing the essence of triumph through expert craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Overall, the Q&A session offered a comprehensive look into Baron®‘s commitment to excellence, blending tradition with innovation in the realm of Championship Rings.

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