2020 Los Angeles Dodgers World Series Championship Ring

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“Seeing the ring and being part of the ring ceremony, it was really special to be a part of,” said catcher Will Smith

See the details of the 2020 Los Angeles Dodgers World Series Championship Ring. Defeating the Tampa Bay Rays, winning World Series since 1988.

2020 Los Angeles Dodgers

April 9, 2021 – Hollywood has a Championship Ring once again! The Los Angeles Dodgers won the 2020 MLB World Series for the first time in 32 years, defeating the Tampa Bay Rays in 6 Games, with a 3-1 victory.

The Los Angeles Dodgers had been so close for so many years, which left some wondering if they would ever capture that World Series Championship Ring that had evaded them for over 3 decades.

The Dodges won their previous World Series Championship in the 1988 season.

The 85th edition of the World Series, played between the American League Champion Oakland Athletics and the National League Champion Los Angeles Dodgers, winning the Series in 5 Games.

Game Series Stadium

The 2020 Major League Baseball Season was shortened from the standard 162-game to 60 games due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the entire series was played at Globe Life Field Stadium in Arlington, Texas, from October 20 to October 27. However, the Los Angeles Dodgers did not miss a beat, finishing with an MLB best 43-17 record in the regular season.

The Los Angeles Dodgers swept the first two rounds of the playoffs against the Milwaukee Brewers and the San Diego Padres before battling hard and eventually overcoming the Atlanta Braves in 7 games to reach their 3rd World Series in 4 years.

This also marked the 21st time the Los Angeles Dodgers were playing for a Baseball Championship Ring, tying only the San Francisco Giants in this regard.

The Los Angeles Dodger shortstop, Corey Seager, took home World Series MVP honors which will see him take home more than just a Championship Ring to show off.

In the 2020 World Series, we saw the two teams with the best regular season records face off, which is only the 4th time this has happened since the league introduced the Wild Card playoff format.

The 2020 World Series absolutely lived up to the hype as well, pleasing the 11,500 fans that were allowed to attend each game.

Furthermore, the 60-games season was the shortest season since 1878.

With the stadiums at only 25% capacity for the World Series, Major League Baseball was able to create a real fan atmosphere for the players to play for, something that had not happened at all before in the 2020 season due to the pandemic.

Enough cannot be said about the challenges that 2020 presented for everyone, including the Major League Baseball players.

The obstacles in front of the league and the players required great sacrifice and many adjustments along the way.

A Championship Ring always represents the sacrifices, hard work, and achievements of a season.

However, this year’s sacrifices require a Championship Ring that represents so much more.

Pair up these sacrifices with a World Series drought of 32 years and you get a gorgeous Los Angeles Dodgers World Series Ring that truly was years in the making.

The 2020 World Series Ring Ceremony took place on April 9, 2021, at the Dodger Stadium.

At the time, Los Angeles Dodgers franchise with seven World Series Champions and 24 National League pennants since the team’s origins in Brooklyn in 1890.

“Seeing the ring and being part of the ring ceremony, it was really special to be a part of,” said catcher Will Smith.

2020 Los Angeles Dodgers Championship Ring Details:

The 2020 Los Angeles Dodgers Championship Ring featured in this curated content is designed and crafted by Jostens. Let’s take a look at the custom MIB Championship Ring’s details of the Story of the Ring.

princess-cut diamonds

custom-cut sapphires

round diamonds


  1. The top of the custom MLB Championship Ring features the traditional LA logo crafted from 17 custom-cut genuine sapphires atop a baseball diamond.
  2. Inside the diamond, there are 29 diamonds, representing the number of home runs hit by the Dodgers in the postseason bubble.
  3. Another 16 custom-cut sapphires and a halo of 44 diamonds surround the logo and diamond.
  4. The words “World Champions” are also atop the ring.


  1. On the side of the rings, there are 96 more diamonds.
  2. On the top and bottom edges, the ring has six princess-cut diamonds in pennants, representing the previous six World Series teams.
  3. There are also 12 sapphires on both edges of the ring, accounting for the 12 home runs hit by the Dodgers in the World Series against the Rays.
  4. Down the left side of the ring, it features the recipient’s name and their uniform number in all diamonds.
  5. On the right side of the ring, there’s a gold Commissioner’s Trophy, topped off with a single diamond.
  6. The eight-round sapphires represent the eight consecutive National League West division titles won by the Dodgers.

Engraving and Shank:

  1. The LA logo is crafted with blue enamel on the center of the engraving and on the outside shank.
  2. On either side of the engraving, surrounding the LA logo are the logos and series results of teams defeated by the Dodgers on their World Series journey.
  3. Players received their signature on the inside shank.

2020 Los Angeles Dodgers Championship Rings

In total, the Championship Rings feature approximately 222 round diamonds, 10 princess-cut diamonds, 45 custom-cut sapphires, and eight round sapphires. Overall, each ring weighs 11 carats.

Congrats to the Los Angeles Dodgers on finally returning to glory in the 2020 World Series and for receiving a custom Baseball Championship Ring that looks incredible!