Q&A Session With Baron’s Vice President Of Sales Arthur Horton

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“We are constantly developing and creating, while still remaining committed to our core values.”

Behind the Scenes: Q&A Session With Baron’s Vice President Of Sales Arthur Horton.

March 18, 2024 – Welcome to an exclusive Q&A session with Baron’s Vice President of Sales Arthur Horton!

Arthur shares the remarkable journey of how he began his career at Baron® Championship Rings starting as an undergraduate student with a passion for sports.

Having witnessed the evolution of the marketplace, Arthur reflects on the constant need for innovation while staying true to Baron®‘s core values. Discover his leadership philosophy, and foster a shared goal within the sales team.

Join us as Arthur shares his dreams of crafting a Championship Ring for his favorite team, adding a touch of personal fandom to Baron®‘s illustrious portfolio. Get ready for an engaging dialogue with one of Baron®‘s key figures!

How did you get started at Baron® Championship Rings?

Almost 15 years ago when I was an undergraduate student at the University of Windsor, I was looking for part-time work and responded to a post for a sales representative job in the sports industry.

Being an athlete myself, and a lifelong sports enthusiast, the job immediately appealed to me. After meeting ownership and going through multiple interviews, I got the job and the rest is history!

Having been with Baron® from the early days, what has been the most significant change in the marketplace in your opinion?

We have to continually innovate to stay at the top of the game in this space.

We are constantly developing and creating, while still remaining committed to our core values.

Luckily, we have a very talented design and production team to make sure we’re always a cut above the competition.

Describe your leadership style and how you “lead” others.

My motto is: Lead by example.

Make sure you’re out there doing the hard work alongside your team and that you’re accountable to them.

Our whole sales team has the same goal in mind, and it’s a pleasure working with all of them every day.

As a girl dad, what memorable moment at Baron® will you share with your daughters in the future?

Creating a Championship Ring for one of their future Championship teams would be a dream come true!

Do you have a favourite Championship Ring that Baron® has created?

The 2019 Toronto Raptors Championship Ring would have to be my favourite.

From the unique and highly detailed design to the custom-cut stones, as well as the overall experience of working with a professional Canadian team.

Creating the 2019 True North Raptors Championship Ring will be a memory I will have forever.

Is there a “dream” client that you would love to land for Baron® if they win a Championship and why?

As a lifelong Leafs Fan, creating a Championship Ring for the Toronto Maple Leafs when they win the Stanley Cup would definitely be at the top of my list.

Everyone knows how long it’s been since we won, so I think Baron® would do the best job of creating something amazing. Sooner than later hopefully!

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Thank you Arthur, for this enlightening interview into the world of Championship Rings!

Explore the journey of Baron®‘s Vice President of Sales Arthur Horton, in this exclusive Q&A session. From his start as a sports enthusiast and undergraduate student to becoming a key figure at Baron® for nearly 15 years, Arthur shares insights on innovation in the marketplace, his leadership philosophy, and memorable moments at Baron®. Discover Arthur’s dreams, including creating Championship Rings for his favourite team. Don’t miss his favorite ring – the 2019 Toronto Raptors Championship Ring.

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